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If you're shopping, you might find you still are enjoying buying gifts for loved ones and need to scale back a bit in case you tend to overspend. It's not too late to plan for Christmas Libra, your desire to be heard and to hear is met with grace and acceptance. You may find this to be the best time for you to journal, open your heart and let love in.

Scorpio, the enemy of love is lack of time. Make time for those you love today, and if you're single, rebuild a relationship with yourself by showing yourself what it feels like to be cherished, loved and needed. Sagittarius, your mind and thoughts can be on how to make more friends and to give in the same way you receive. If you're in a group setting, something said that is less than complimentary about a friend or someone you love can bring out the protective bear in you. Capricorn, things in your life are hyper focused but learning to make time for fun is important to.

Find your place in the world as a lover as much as you are a worker. You need to check in the work minded stuff at the door so you can enjoy your personal time and space. Aquarius, your mind may begin to travel, and you can imagine a new relationship on the horizon soon. What would you do with the person you meet? Consider making a list. In a relationship now, perhaps role play and doing something completely different to foster a refreshing love connection will be super romantic for you both.

Pisces, learning to share of yourself in new ways is a work in process. If you have a tendency to be independent, allow yourself to be more open to someone caring for you. December 29th Work and Finances The astute steadiness and sense of responsibility bestowed to a person born on the twenty ninth of December gives them a strong working ethic. December 29th Personal Relationships For a Capricorn, the person born on the twenty ninth day of December is typically someone who is romantic and attentive although not openly affectionate in public.

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December 29th Health Their current emotional state can greatly affect and reflect the usual healthiness experienced by those born on December 29th. December 29th Strengths and Weaknesses Your main strengths of character are exhibited in your interesting, friendly, chatty approach and your efficient and productive conduct. December 29th Dreams and Goals Being born on the 29th of December means you will ordinarily seek equal successes in your professional and private life ambitions.

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December 29th Birthday Luck and Significance As you were born on the twenty ninth day of the month the two and nine in your birth date add together and decrease to a Root number of Two. December 29th Horoscope Summation The predictabilities of all Capricorn personalities are thought to be astrologically influenced by the power of the planet Saturn.

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Birthday Horoscope December 6th Birthday Horoscope December 6th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on December 6th. Comments: December Horoscope Capricorn. Honey So true and dead on myself I must admit lol. Maree Very accurate reading of my personality!

Salma Wow Franko Nice, bravo. Mwah I'm in luuurve with someone born on this day My birthday is 8th of July I miss your Christian xo.


Birthday Horoscope December 29th

Lisa OMG! Can't be real! This is a perfect description of my husband incredible! Taren Very accurate. Best reading yet. Mark Anthony I am different from reg. Ima sexxxxygoat. Sebastian Seriously seem like you know me well. Guess need to read "how to fix my luck". Derrick This is really on point. In fact, they seem to put others needs above their own. People born on December 29th should learn that to be able to get more out of life, sometimes they need to take big risks. Saturn inspires creativity and enthusiasm.

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People who are influenced by this celestial body are highly spiritual. You should also avoid feeling that every situation or every rumor has something to do with you. A little empathy and compassion go a long way. This color reflects the power of transition and new beginnings. You have a tremendous ability to survive transitions and come out on top. British actor Jude Law, besides being something of a heartthrob, is the famous face with which you share a birthday if you were born on 29th December as a Capricorn. And in fact, you need only take a look at Mr.

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Law has a cool, calculated and mysterious exterior that is shared by many a soul also sharing his birthday of 29th December. This ability to adapt, as well as to fight for what you believe is right — exemplified by Law through his activism work — is what defines those born on 29th December as those who never give up, never give in, and do their utmost for those less fortunate than themselves.

You are quite imaginative and you can see the opportunity in every situation.