Lords of houses in astrology

If you think you can stop there, you are nuts. You are just beginning to begin to understand the horoscope. Keep that in mind. But this first step does give you the first overall vision of the positivity or negativity of the house. You can also take notice of the specific house involved. So in this case you can interpret that the person will have material success and physical happiness as a result of their ability to interact with other people and form good, healthy relationships.

For this you have to learn which signs cause exaltation, debilitation, etc. Here is a quick table of the two greatest extremes:. If the lord of the house is in exaltation, or in a sign he owns, it is positive. For example, lets say Aries rises. That means Mars is the lord of the first house. If Mars is in Capricorn exalted or in one of the signs he owns Aries or Scorpio it is a positive indication for the first house.

If the lord is in debilitation, or in the sign of a planet who is his enemy — it is negative. You need to know about planetary friendship and enmity , of course, before you can figure out if a planet is in the house of a friend or an enemy. Because a planet is in more than one sign!

The space within a single sign contains many subdivisions where other signs are prominent within it. To learn more about this, start with my article on variations within a single sign. Luckily, the main sign in the normal zodiac is the most important.

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You should also at least also consider the sign the planet occupies in the navamsha subdivision when you are assessing if the sign occupied by the lord of a house is positive or negative for that house. That is because there are other considerations that fall into this general principle. It is a bit beyond the scope of what we can immediately teach and learn, though. First thing you have to ask yourself is, how does one planet influence another?

Primarily by:. As far as aspects go, to put it really simply and quickly, every planet influences the sign it is opposite from. Three other planets have additional aspects. There is a very important rule: The lord of a house is never going to be negative towards that house. For example, lets say Aquarius rises.

7th house lord in the first house

Saturn would therefore rule the first house. Saturn is a malefic, yes. But when you are assessing the first house, if you see that Saturn influences it, you must not think of Saturn as a negative influence, because he is the owner of the house. The owner of a house will never intentionally damage that house. So whenever the owner of a house interacts with that house, it is always a positive indication — regardless if the planet is benefic or malefic, etc. Never, ever make the mistake of thinking that a house with 3 positive factors for example and 3 negative factors is a house with 0 total factors!

Positive and negative do not cancel each other out in astrology. Rather a house with both positive and negative factors is going to have some positive effects and some negative effects. To know which effects will be positive and which will be negative you need to advance further in your study of astrology and know how the various planets and signs and combinations involved will affects different themes of the house under evaluation.

That is out of the scope of this article. We need to stick to the basics, one step at a time. After you have evaluated a house the normal way, you should repeat the exact same process on the house in relation to the Moon. Lets say for example you want to evaluate the fifth house of a chart where Pisces rises and the Moon is in Aquarius.

Then, when you are done, you examine the 5th House from the Moon. So you repeat the process now focusing on Gemini. Saturn occupies the 4th House, which is one of the good ones. So far so good! Saturn is in Aries, which means he is debilitated, so this is bad. The first lord is debilitated, period.

So we can interpret this to mean that the first house suffers as a result of Saturn being debilitated in Aries. This means: the person experiences practical unhappiness and lack of material success due to his lack of patience and prudence. The most obvious influence on Saturn is Jupiter, who aspects Saturn in Aries because he is in the opposite sign, Libra. Jupiter is a benefic. No other planets directly influence Saturn.

So we have another positive indication for the first house of this chart because a benefic and no malefics influence the lord of the first house. Each division is called a sign. Starting from Aries and to Pisces. Each sign has a ruler planet and some planets have a dual ownership of 2 signs. Not all of them are real planets by the Physics definition. Sun and Moon are taken as planets and not as a star or satellite respectively. The last 2 are not physical entities. These are imaginary points in space where the axis of moon and sun relative to earth overlap.

These two entities are hence mathematical calculations as opposed to the other 7 objects which are observable entities in space. Rahu and Ketu effect a horoscope and individual strong enough to be considered as independent planets themselves. These are by definition always degrees from each other. Next step is the 12 houses. Regarding ownership, when a planet rules 2 signs, one of its signs is its main or more important sign and the other is the lesser one.

This is a relative concept, regardless of which the planet involved presides over both the signs. Rahu and Ketu do not own any signs as they are not physical entities. However they are co-rulers of some signs as mentioned later. The 12 Bhaavs houses represent hundreds of things each. Hence this list below is not comprehensive but aims at pointing to at least some important significations of each of the bhaavs-.

Hence 12 th to any bhaav is the loss of that bhaav. Similarly as 9 th house is house of good luck and destiny, 12 th to it or 8 th bhaav is the bhaav of destruction and bad luck. Another way to look at bhaavs is in respect to our relatives. Example the 9 th is the father.

After this top level approach to signs and houses. Next I will write about the basic significations of the planets themselves, after which one can start running some gears in their heads. For example Sun signifies father among hundreds of other things. Since 9 th house also signifies father, when sun rules or sits in the 9 th house in a horoscope, the effect of father are now very strongly being represented by Sun. It could also be possible that I m not putting in persistent effort and lack patience.

This is also the reason why I m not able to devote time to further my interest in astrology. What I am planning to do is to make some case study videos in the form of screen cast and post the links here. This will be quicker and more efficient than writing longer articles. I believe learning theory is always better in text whereas learning case studies can be more efficient with me doing screencast videos while explaining a horoscope on the software.

I have also heard that this change affects only the Dasas when Jupiter will bring the significations of the 6th quarrels etc to the 7th house and cause issues in relationships. Thank you. Bhaav placements affects dasas and weakens any bad or good yogas caused by the planet as the bhaav is shifting. Yes Always a good practice to see the ascendant nakshatra in addition to sign lord. The strength and placement of ascendant as well as moon nakshatra lord is important in the chart. Sign lords will still dominate.

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Only the KP school of thought, which is a very recent astrological school of thought believes that Nakshatra lord is more important than sign lord. Sign lord always more important that nakshatra lord which is more important that any divisional lord. For example ascendant at 3 degrees in Taurus. All 3 will dictate the power of ascendant and hence the overall horoscope. Please clarify.. Your Krittika example is talking about the ascendant nakshatra. I was led to think that the moon nakshatra is probably invalid in this context just because your example did not cover it.

I understand what you meant. Sri VS: If saturn is sitting in the 8th house Taurus asc, in good dignity , I have heard that Saturn significator of fear seated in the 8th fear, emotional turmoil removes the fear. If true, is this a positive effect due to Karaka Bhava Nash? I heard the same about Mars in the 6th.. For example mars in virgo or saturn in leo will not give your results but quiet the opposite. VS, I realize that this question is a little hazy, kindly clear it up for me.

12 Houses & Their Significations

I see another based on Shadbala. The latter one makes me conclude the bala is not based on just D Does it mean, for example, the bala of the 3rd house in D-1 also includes the bala of the D-3 if there is such a thing? Please bear with me and clear this mess in my mind. You can find it on amazon and Scribd perhaps. Is this correct? Sri VS: I read that the 8th from the Upapaada lagna arudha from the 12th house gives a pointer to the longevity of a marrital life.

If so, assume that the 4th house from Lagna taurus has mars manglik and the 8th from the UL happens to be the 4th house; how would I assess that? So please stop asking such questions like what does mars do in Taurus or 4th or 8th from somewhere. It can do hundreds of things as you should know by now. Sri VS: If the lord of the 6-th is Saturn and it not in good dignity, can it cause issues for maternal uncles..

Thanks VS. So, if you want to see how the n-th bhaav is doing, you will also look at n-th bhaav from where the asc Lord is posited? Is my understanding correct here? Ss that because exalted Merc is very playful and will treat the dreaded matters of the 8th lightly? A functional malefic sitting in the most dreaded 8th Bhava.. Is that the worst nightmare anybody can have?

Is there any remedies to tone down the effects of such placement especially if the running Dasa is also the same planet? Sri VS: For an Cancer asc, if saturn sits in Capri, the 8th lord sits in the seventh, a pessimistic way of looking at it. What is your observation on this position? Look at the planets in 1, 3 and 11 houses also. Correct me id I am wrong.. From a similar reasoning, can we would look at the 11th from an ill-effects angle as the 6th from the 6th?

What would be the logic? So, 6th from 6th would be obstruction to obstruction removal of obstruction? It is Kaam trikona — represents desires, which are the root of all evil. Sri VS, Having bhagyakara planets FB for a particular lagna in 11th house does give better results than in 12th house, is this true? How can we understand the above situation,when both are almost similar kind of houses with both positives and negatives.

Ofcourse when he is PM, he is having great Raj yogas operate making him powerful, famous and rich etc. Sri VS: is the 2nd house from a house a maraka house? If yes, what is the 12th from the 7th? Should the 8th be strong? So, if the 8th is strong, one will have a long life, but will undergo the malefic significations of that house and understand that detachment will lead to moksha..

Re: the 3rd house, is that better to have a strong 3rd than a strong 8th house? The 2nd is a more potent maraka than the 7th, hence asking. On first glance, I would expect he would have a good childhood. I was trying to see the indications for him being orphaned. Moon is in the 8th, that might explain the mother part alone.

Lords through houses in Astrology?

In the Chalit, the lord of 4th and 9th, Mars, has moved into the 8th. Kindly let me know…. If a planet sits in 5th rashi in Taurus at 2 degrees and is moving back in 4th bhaav in chalit, its aspect will still fall degrees from it. Meaning 2 degrees in Scorpio. Now the point of 2 degrees in scorpio will be 11th rashi but 10th bhaav. So keep these things separate. Understand the maths behind it for clarity. Before the advent of software charts, when the lagna degree could not be known, Sun would have been read as sitting in the 11th bhaav and that would have been very inaccurate..

Kindly opine. Hence sun will always rule 8th house and not 7th! Sorry Vivek, I totally screwed up with my last question about Leo being the 7th house from Capricorn.. When exact degrees of planets were not available 30 years back, were the interpretations wrong in these cases? Sincerely, Sundar. Cancer asc with Jupiter and Mars Old and modern karakas of husband in 7th 3 deg apart.

Dispositor Venus Uchcha but strongly combust. Rahu — Ketu in Please opine. Rahu is taboo breaking and odd. Why does the 8th come under this category? Is it because of re-birth after death? Hence it represents the life force as well. Very cool. You ARE my maaanaseeka guru in this ancient shastra. I hope to meet you someday and make a sambhaavana…. Sri VS: Speaking of Bhavat bhavam, for example since 2nd to 2nd is 3rd. Vivek, if the lord of the 6th and 3rd sits in the 8th, the results in VRY, however, the 3rd in 8th is not the best position.

In this case, is it better for the 6th lord to be stronger than the 3rd? If its libra ascendant, then consider 3rd in 8th as 3rd house is MK. Not really. The 3, 6, 8 and 12 are houses which deprive us against the general comforts, wealth and other materialistic things in life.

Hello VS, You are doing a great job by answering to the curiosity of so many people around the globe. We all are very thankful. I have following scenario to discuss. I would really appreciate if you spare some time and answer. For Capricorn sign born in D1 chart every planet is situated in 12th house counted from its position. Venus lord of 5 and 10th in 9th house. So 10th house in 9. So 9th house in 8th house. So 1st in 12th house. I have read some where 1st house lord in 12th dusthana is very bad. How should I interpret it. Is there any remedy to alleviate this?

For example venus as karaka in 9th even though debilitated is still 5th and 10th lord in 9th and if shad bal of mercury is good and venus is not combust and more than 10 degrees away from its deepest fall at 27 degrees in virgo, then venus will actually give great results in 9th. After all, that is what Jyoitsh means — guiding light, to make us beware of potential issues.

VS, Can 2nd from the Moon be the maraka lord? Moon is the 7th maraka lord sitting in the 8th and the 9th lord would be 2nd from Moon. If true, Merc being an airy planet would point to an air accident and Maraka lord Moon in the 8th would obviously point to the suddenness. Since this happened in Moon dasa, does 7th lord in the 8th has no role at all? Meaning, as a concept, maraka lord in the 8th.. Depositor of moon sits afflicted in 11th.

VS, can Rahu in the 12th cause sudden death? If true, if it is also a maraka lord, does it make the probablilty higher? Mercury and Rahu are 2nd maraka lords. Rahu is 7th Aquarius maraka lord as well. Mars bombs, explosion is aspecting the 8th and that points to how he was assassinated. Moon is dark amavasya and near sun and jupiter causing both raj yoga as well as moon being dark and in a generic malefic sign leo and in a malefic nakshatra of ketu ketu is the most explosive of all planets and represents accidents and sudden death. Sun and moon being lagna lords all sit in ketu nakshatra which sits in the malefic and violent sign of saturn in 6th bhaav of accidents.

Vivek, re: your detailed analysis, you have analysed with respect to the lagna, the posited planets and their affects on Aquarius during the Rahu dasa. In addition: 1. Is the assumption that a transit at that time would have activated Ketu? Or may be you were pointing out the natal vulnerability in general? I was thinking, 12th to self is loss of it and Rahu posited there could trigger sudden events related to death during it MD.

How to Use the 12 Houses

If Sun is delibilated in the house of profession, during the MD is alright to donate wheat flour or jaggery to a needy person. The second House refers to your own cash and possessions, what you worth, your hidden skills, sense of self-worth, shallowness how you worth yourself, rather than describing your temperament as within the first House. The third house additionally includes the intellect, the lower mind details and little bits of knowledge as opposition the upper mind in a ninth house , thinking patterns, and early education before college.

Communication includes messages, deliveries, gossip, phone calls, visits, reading, and writing. On a deeper level, the fourth home is the bottom of consciousness or the middle of our concrete existence. See however the cusp of the fourth home is the I. Thanks to that, the fourth house was believed to rule the conditions at the top of life, and graves.

For those that believe reincarnation, the fourth house would offer clues to your karmic lesson for this period. It shows what karmic baggage you brought with you into this life. Any planets within the fourth house have an effect on your home life, your emotions, your subconscious, and probably your relationship along with your folks. The fifth House refers to youngsters, creativity, and also the pursuit of delight.

This includes personal interests, amorous affairs, sports, hobbies, speculation, risk-taking, teaching, drama, inventive style, love is given, gambling. The fifth home is all concerning you being yourself and enjoying it. Romance, dating, amorous affairs, and sexual relationships area unit dominated by this fifth house, nevertheless wedding is allotted to the seventh. And these marriages were most frequently organized per category and money standing, a partnership appropriates the seventh house.

To avoid confusion, remember affairs of the guts area unit within the fifth house, however cooperative partnerships area unit within the domain of the seventh house. The sixth House refers to daily work, service, diet, health and physical illness, ability to figure, employees. This includes volunteer labor, government officials work, caretaking, and mundane daily tasks.

The sixth house extremely involves the standard of your work, the standard of the roles you perform, as opposition Associate in Nursing actual career career is drawn by the tenth house. Daily mundane tasks embrace personal hygiene and our methodology of responding to everyday crises. The distinction between the amorous affairs of the fifth House and love relationships of the seventh is that the seventh House refers to additional for good binding relationships, whereas the fifth House refers to affairs that will be temporary.